Awkward Experiment #2: This Body of Mine

I want.

I am making my body my first experiment for several reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • I have been struggling with those excess 10-15 pounds for over a decade now — in some strange way I think this equates to me giving myself the finger everyday for a very, very long time.  Great for morale!
  • In the deepest reaches of my being I KNOW that attaining the confidence I’m after requires that I make my body as healthy and strong as it can be; I know it’s supposed to be just the “inside” that counts; but this is just the way I’m wired
  • Quite often I am ensnared by a diet/fitness strategy that sounds cool.  I’ll kind of “half” follow it for a couple weeks, and when I see either zero progress or weight gain (yep, that happens to me) I end up “full” frustrated
  • Frankly, due to past failures, a part of me feels like whatever I do won’t work and I want NEED to prove that part of me wrong.  I’m ready to do what I need to do for a win here


  • I will trade my BELOVED morning energy bar (hey – I thought these were healthy!!!) for a n0n-processed meal with 30 grams of protein
  • Just signed up for pole dancing classes, I will be taking a MINIMUM of 3 classes per week — apparently this activity requires one hell of a strong core
  • I will no longer eat within 3 hours of hitting the sheets which will be a huge challenge on some evenings
  • No bread, rice, pasta, refined sugar (not going buck-wild on the fruit either)

Are there other items I can/should add to the above?  YES!  Normally, I would just keep right on listing.  Maybe that’s why I find myself where I am now, trying to tackle everything at once only to end up back at square with the only real change being the new low my spirits have sunk to.  So for now I will keep it simple and just “lean” into this one.

Tracking results:

  • I will weigh and measure myself to establish my start point on the morning of Monday, Sept. 3rd – I will post those figures
  • I will take and post weight and measures on the following four Mondays so that I will have a month of implementing the changes under my belt (which should be looser by then!)  A month should be long enough to let me know directionally how I’m doing
  • As anything significant, entertaining or especially challenging arises, I will be sure to share

My objective is for this blog and these little life experiments is that they maybe helpful or in some way useful to others beyond myself.  I welcome comments and questions if you have them.  I will always do my best to answer.


~ by awkwardalienchick on August 30, 2012.

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