Awkward Experiment #1: Master that Pole!!!

POLE DANCING?  Why do Such a Thing???

A couple years ago I actually bought a 5-session pass to pole dance studio and went to exactly one class.  I think I let the remaining sessions on the pass expire for a combination of two reasons: 1) the studio was pretty far away from my place and parking was a bitch and 2) I sucked, I mean, SUPER-sucked.  Or at least that was my perception, more objectively, I was extremely frustrated to be attempting something my mind reasoned I should be able to do, but my body simply could not.

So why now?  I have 3 reasons that are significant to me:

  • I’m really, REALLY sick of the gym and the ho-hum routine I do once I’m there.  I guess I’ve gotten to the point wherein I need my working out & strength training to have a purpose; I need to have a solid reason for strengthening my arms, core, etc., something that I’m building toward.  I wish I could get off on working out for working out’s sake, apparently I’m just not one of those folks!
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve set out determined to master something that I KNOW I’m going into starting at zero.  Sticking with something through the frustration and becoming competent at it would be a great “win” for my confidence.  I love that it will challenge me physically and demand that I become strong and toned.
  • The new studio I just signed up with offers many classes of the “sexy” movement variety.  I’ve NEVER felt sexy in my life — the AWKARDALIENCHICK moniker is no accident!!!  I want to feel sexy, if only my unique version of it…


  • I went BIG and signed up for a membership at a local pole & fitness dance studio
  • I am going to drag my ass to those classes until I can call myself a perfectly competent pole dancer

Tracking Progress:

  • I am keeping a journal of each class I go to and noting any little bit of new progress I see.  I’ve attended 3 classes (got the bruises to prove it!) and have indeed experienced some progress — albeit small progress
  • As an incentive to keep going and stick with it, I am going to treat myself to a tattoo I’ve been wanting once I hit 30 classes – YAY!

    I’ve been told this move isn’t even that difficult; apparently just very painful =)


~ by awkwardalienchick on August 28, 2012.

One Response to “Awkward Experiment #1: Master that Pole!!!”

  1. I am very excited to follow your journey! Yeah, the yogini requires flexibility and dead armpits. lololol!

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