My “Awkward” Experiment Format

I call it “awkward” because I know right off the bat I will not be following the standard “scientific method” as a means of conducting my life experiments.  I am more interested in making small (or huge!) changes to what I currently do, or did in the past, tracking progress (or lack thereof) and then evaluating results.  I anticipate that my experiments will include the follow:

  • A few words about the aspect of my life I want to develop or re-invent
  • The change or modification I will be making and how I plan to monitor or track results
  • Updates on the experiment as appropriate

In regard to the “update” portion, I plan to focus on covering the highs and lows, the items that might have inspirational and/or entertainment value.  I do NOT intend to put you to sleep with a plodding day by day account detailing the minutia of my life and activities.  This is not a journal.  I am merely a lab animal (ALIEN) here, my greatest hope is that I stumble upon some powerful tools in the process of my self-experimentation that I can share with you.

Cheers & let the Awkward Experimentation begin!!!



~ by awkwardalienchick on August 27, 2012.

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